Time never rest

Time affect us all. I am no exemption. During the years I have seen a lot, studied and tried to learn and still, after so many decades I continue to be surprised of what the seasons of the year offer. Here I will publish some photos and perhaps some texts that might reveal some of my feelings over what continues to surprise me. Despite the fact that I nowadays recognize most of the things and beings that I see or bump in to, there is still something new around the corner.
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The picture above is the lake Örknen, seen from the old railway station in Braås., a small village in the provice of Småland/SWEDEN

Early autumn

AutumnPosted by Jan Wed, October 16, 2013 21:01:44
Early autumn often equals good time to find mushrooms. How about the one below?

I don't know if I would dare to cook it. Probably not. But it looks good, doesn't it?
Or, how about the next one?
Someone told me it is almost erotic. Is it?
Next one looks like pure poison.
Would you care to try it?
By all means, help your selves, but don't blame me... Please look, but don't touch!
The next one is definitely something I wouldn't try either.
It looks interesting, doesn't it and I think someone or something already have taken a bite. Well, don't look at me. I didn't touch it.
Below you find another one. Does it never end?
Breaking trough. It must be though to be mother earth and give birth to so many living things that rip up the surface of the ground everywhere.
Another no-no in the kitchen is the next one.
It looks so innocent, but don't be fooled!
How about the next one?
I have no idea. It could be ok, but better ask someone who really knows. Don't try to find out by your selves.
The next one is cute.
I told you it is cute, isn't it?
Some is worth taking a closer look at.
It is small, but can we eat it?
Yes! Karl-Johan, with butter in the frying pan... Jum!