Time never rest

Time affect us all. I am no exemption. During the years I have seen a lot, studied and tried to learn and still, after so many decades I continue to be surprised of what the seasons of the year offer. Here I will publish some photos and perhaps some texts that might reveal some of my feelings over what continues to surprise me. Despite the fact that I nowadays recognize most of the things and beings that I see or bump in to, there is still something new around the corner.
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The picture above is the lake Örknen, seen from the old railway station in Braås., a small village in the provice of Småland/SWEDEN

Keep looking!

AutumnPosted by Jan Sun, October 20, 2013 18:42:44
The autumn is now close to the doorstep into the winter, but I keep looking for goodies.

Keep looking! There are still goodies out there!